News Headlines Component

Display a list of news story headlines (for narrow columns).

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  • Beware of duplicate link text.
  • Link text should be meaningful.
  • Use 'Open in New Window' sparingly.

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Last reviewed: May 24, 2022

Using This Component

This component initially has two tabs: News List Module and List.  An additional tab appears after the Build list using option is chosen.

Note: this component is essentially a List Builder, without the 'Display as' settings.

Split long lists onto several pages.

Lists with more than 500 teasers will generate a server error and not show any results. More details are in this Known Issue.

Technical Restrictions

  • This component is only available for use in the right sidebar and on some homepages.

Configure - Main Settings

Click the wrench icon to 'configure' these settings.

News List Module Tab

  • Title: Enter text to display a title for the News Headline Component
    • If left blank, no title will be displayed.
    • If populated, the title will be displayed in all caps.
  • Show "See all" button: Checking this box will create a button in the lower right corner of the list. Clicking the button will display the full list of news items.
  • "See All" button text: Customize the text on the button.
    • If left blank, the button will display See All.
    • The maximum amount you can use to customize the text is 42 characters. Anything longer will display incorrectly.
  • Full list page: Choose which page to which the See All button links. 
    • Click the magnyfing glass on the right side of the box to choose a page.
      • Note: Choosing a new page will not populate that page with the news items. Only link to a different page if the news list already exists on that page, or if you intend to build the news list on that page.
    • If left blank, the current page will display the full list.

Accessibility Concerns

See an Example

The following is a live example of a News List:

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