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Last reviewed: May 20, 2022


Promote your upcoming events on your website with the full functionality of the main UB events calendar provided when a user clicks through for more details.

For our online audiences, the master calendar provides a series of UB-wide parameters, including schools, topics, and audiences, to help people discover events that are of interest to them.

For our departments, we can help you to set up custom feeds that pull your events together based on these categories or special pre-arranged 'tags' called Feed Keywords.

All UB constituents can contribute events to the master calendar, while select unit representatives can request access to approve new submissions, manage existing events or build their own custom feeds.

Promote your events!

All UB staff, faculty, and students can submit events to the UB Events Calendar.

Using This Component

This component has only one tab.

When it first loads, these default messages are displayed:

  • 'This Event List component has no ID set for the calendar'
    • This message clarifies that a calendar ID must be provided.
  • 'No events scheduled''
    • Because no calendar ID has been provided, no events can be shown.

Technical Restrictions

  1. This component only works with a feed from the UB Events Calendar.
  2. By default, all feeds display the next fifteen events, over 180 days.
  3. Events will display until their end time is reached.
  4. All additional navigation is provided by clicking through to the main calendar.

Configure - Main Settings

Click the wrench icon to 'configure' these settings.

Event List Tab

Title: Assign a suitable heading for your events feed.  

External ID: Supply the main calendar feed ID.

Site: Default is blank (master calendar). This is what most authors should choose.

  • Additional choices include 'jsmbs' and 'facilities'. Only choose one of these if you know 100% it is appropriate for your site. 
  • Please do not experiment: entering the wrong site code here might break all uses of that feed for 10 minutes.
Please do not experiment with 'Site'

Entering the wrong site code here may break ALL uses of that feed for 10 minutes.

"No events" text: Display a custom message when there are no events listed in your feed.

  • When available, the component's 'no events' message will be shown. 
  • If that has not been specified, the message that has been set in the UB Events Calendar feed will be displayed.
  • If neither has been set, no message will be displayed and you UBCMS feed will be empty.

New window: Open links in new window.

  • If this is not selected, clicking an event will display the details in the same browser tab.

Display as: The default setting places a large 'calendar' icon beside each event.

  • Events: With Date Block (default)
    • This displays a linked event title, then the date, time and location details.
    • Beside the event details is a large colored square containing the day's date. Past events will be gray, today's events will be dark blue, and future events will be light blue.

Events: Without Date Block

  • This compressed format skips the date block, but displays the linked event title, then the date, time and location details.

Limit: Set the maximum number of future events to be displayed.

(This was the 'Future Number' setting in the old calendar version.)

  • By default, feeds are set to fifteen events over the next 180 days.
  • Choosing a number larger than the feed size will have no impact.
  • Choosing a smaller size will reduce the number of items in the feed to that number.

NB. Users must click through to the main calendar to use pagination or other navigation features.

Lists display 15 events from the upcoming 180 days

You can reduce the number displayed in the UBCMS, but if you need a longer list, or a different time frame, the feed must be changed in the main calendar.

Show feed icon: Display a small RSS icon in the upper right of the list results.

Feed page: Set the link for the RSS feed icon.

  • The RSS feed URL can be found by following the 'See All' link to the main calendar, then clicking the RSS icon to reveal the 'share this' URL. The share function also allows adjustment of the feed's date range.
    e.g. https://calendar.buffalo.edu/page/rss/?duration=30days&token=MThkNTQyYjYtYmY2Ny00Nzk4LTlmMjQtMzJjNmYwYzljZTViMTIxZmRjMzUtNDYyYi00ZjczLWFlMjktMDU2YTQyMjFhNzll

Show "See All" button: Add a way for people to browse all your events in the master calendar.

"See All" button text: Customize the "See ALL" button label.

  • If left blank, the default 'See All >' will be used.

"See all" button link: Customize where the "See All" link goes.

  • If left blank, will automatically go to this feed in the main calendar.
  • Usually this should go to the main calendar, but you may wish to link over to your main events page. (In this case, make sure the feed on your main events page links to the main calendar!)

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