Faces and Voices Template

Build a shared content module or page that tells a story about your constituents.

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Last reviewed: June 11, 2021

Preferred Use

Create a sharable page and highlight for your Faces and Voices content.

This template starts you off with a quote, photo sizes, and text styles that will help you leverage your faculty, alumni, and student testimonials.

Smart quotes can be added automatically to your quotation in the 'Quote / Description' settings.

Important Notice for Shared Content Templates

In order for any piece of shared content to function properly, there should not be any blank elements or incomplete links in the page (i.e., a photo component without a photo in it or an incorrect link).

Best Practice

When used for the Faces and Voices Hero Component, your image will be displayed as a circle with a 1:1 ratio. We recommend 600 x 600 pixels as a minimum size.


Identification - Enter details about the person quoted.

Quote / Description - Enter the actual quotation here.

  • Smart quotes will automatically be added if that feature is selected.
  • Regular quotation marks will be converted automatically to smart quotes, but if you include regular quotation marks and also select the Smart Quote setting, the quotation marks will be doubled!

Image (standard Photo component)

Text - Add additional information here if desired.

Tags - Add tags here.

  • Adaptive Crop and Zoom
    • Currently in development.

This is an experimental Flex UI feature which will be made available to all users Fall 2021


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