Links to unpublished pages can be broken on live sites

Except for lists, the UBCMS does not hide links to unpublished pages on live sites.

Reviewed June 3, 2022

The Issue

When a page is activated, the UBCMS does not always check for links to unpublished pages.

A link in a text component (Body Text, Title, Call to Action, Callout, etc) to an unpublished page will still be shown as a link on the published page, but will generate a 404 error ('no such page') when clicked.

The exception is for lists (e.g. List Builder, Slide Decks). For these components, the link or slide will be hidden from the live site and if no valid links are available, the entire component will be hidden.


There is no workaround except to be cautious and check all of your links on the published page. The Outbound Link Report can help you to manage your links in general. This displays everything your UBCMS pages link to, including other UBCMS pages, downloads, images, lists and external links.

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