Formstack Component

Provides a simple way for authors to embed an existing form into a UBCMS page.

Using This Component

Add the component to the page. It is represented by a bar and has one tab.

The component when first loaded onto the page. Click the edit button to enter the code.

When the component is opened for editing, it will initially display 'Use Formstack's Quick Start embed code.' Simply paste in the code from your Formstack form here. There are no further options or settings.

The component opened for editing, showing where the code is pasted.

Use the Default Formstack Code

With this component, you can use the default code from There is no need to turn off jQuery (unlike earlier ways of embedding these forms in the HTML Snippet). Conversely, this method does not support turning off jQuery, jQuery UI, or FormStack-derived themes.

The UBCMS component will convert the code into the “no jquery” version of the code.

The component validates the pasted Formstack code and will alert the author if there are any problems.

Initially a "Form is loading…" message may be displayed, but will disappear as the actual form is loaded from Formstack.

The component opened for editing, showing code pasted in.

Where Do I Find the Code in Formstack?

This component uses the default version of the embed code from your Formstack form.

This code is located with your form on Look in the Publish tab, under 'Quick Start.'

Where to find the embed code on the site.


If there are any problems with the code that was copied from Formstack, the component will display an error message in the Author environment; e.g. if jQuery is turned OFF in when the code was generated, or if only part of the code was copied.

The component displaying an error message when bad code has been entered.



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Read more about using forms in the UBCMS, including Formstack, in this Advanced Topic.

Need to turn off jQuery or jQuery UI?

This component uses the default code from If you NEED to use the code with jQuery or jQuery UI turned off, consider embedding your form using the HTML Snippet.

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