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Understanding Your Strategic and Audience Needs

On This page:


These materials will help you learn:

  • how to create strategic objectives that meet your business needs, as well as those of your audience

This material is intended for:  

  • department leadership
  • senior staff assigned to analyze customer needs and competition

You’ll benefit by learning:

  • the discovery process and skills required of each member of the project team
  • how to check out the your competition’s website
  • how to develop your website’s business case
  • new ways that you should be thinking about your audience(s)

After reviewing these materials you will be able to:

  • define the strategic objectives that will be used to define your website development
  • identify and prioritize your audience needs
  • articulate your department’s business objectives
  • articulate your customers’ desired result


Resources for creating business cases

Business strategies can be created at the Unit level, with individual sites/departments in their business strategy referencing the unit strategy and detailing points specific to their department OR each site can do an individual business strategy. The approach is up to the Unit Web Leader (UWL) of the unit.  Below are 2 templates, you can use them or utilize a format that makes sense for your unit.

Learn from the UB groups that have already invested time and resources navigating the Discovery process. Read through their white papers and review their business strategies, looking for ideas that you can borrow for your own website. Want to see a strategy from a "bird of a feather" unit?

Resources for stakeholder interviews

Resources to help you understand your audiences

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