News Headlines Component

Display a list of news story headlines (for narrow columns).

This feature works comparably in both the Classic and Flex UI versions of the UBCMS. In the future, screenshots and language will be updated to reflect Flex UI.

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Last reviewed: September 22, 2021

Using This Component

This component initially has two tabs: News List Module and List.  An additional tab appears after the Build list using option is chosen.

Note: this component is essentially a List Builder, without the 'Display as' settings.

Split long lists onto several pages.

Lists with more than 500 teasers will generate a server error and not show any results. More details are in this Known Issue.

News List Module Tab

  • Title: Enter text to display a title for the News Headline Component
    • If left blank, no title will be displayed.
    • If populated, the title will be displayed in all caps.
  • Show "See all" button: Checking this box will create a button in the lower right corner of the list. Clicking the button will display the full list of news items.
  • "See All" button text: Customize the text on the button.
    • If left blank, the button will display See All.
    • The maximum amount you can use to customize the text is 42 characters. Anything longer will display incorrectly.
  • Full list page: Choose which page to which the See All button links. 
    • Click the magnyfing glass on the right side of the box to choose a page.
      • Note: Choosing a new page will not populate that page with the news items. Only link to a different page if the news list already exists on that page, or if you intend to build the news list on that page.
    • If left blank, the current page will display the full list.
The component opened for editing showing the News List Module tab settings.

The component opened for editing showing the News List Module tab settings.

Technical Restrictions

  • This component is only available for use in the right sidebar and on some homepages.

Accessibility Concerns

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