Naming Your Website

UB guidelines and policies for naming websites.

Name vs. Title

Your page's 'name' is quite different from its 'title.'

Choosing a Site Name

A page's name is the filename that is used by the UBCMS, and the Web in general, to identify where your page is located, and forms a key part of the URL. (A page's 'title' is the descriptive label displayed in the browser, or search results.)

Best practices for website names recommend:

  • Human-readable URLs
  • Simple, friendly terms matching the visitor’s desired experience

Where Your Site Name Will Appear in Your URL

The application team chooses what your final Web address (URL) will look like based on conventions described below.

Decanal Websites

The recommended naming convention for decanal websites at UB is, where school is a descriptive name created for the benefit of visitors and not necessarily the entity name.

The name of divisions, services or programs within a decanal unit is Further distinctions could be made, such as

Research Centers, and Enterprise, Service and Initiative Websites

The recommended naming convention for research centers, enterprise, service and initiative sites is, or

Examples include,, and

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