Preparing Your Content and Images

When it comes to your website, “content is king.” We’ve prepared helpful guidelines, tips and resources to help you craft the right content for the Web.

Ensure that the content on your new website has a clear purpose, and that every word is helping your department achieve the objectives you want through a revamped site.
As part of conducting an inventory of your site, you need to make reasonable judgments about what should be done, if anything, to remediate your site for the short term, and what’s more instructive for building your site in the longer term. The content audit should encourage you to look at your site without prejudice as to what should or should not be there.
Here are some recommendations and resources to ensure that your website has the content your audience will expect.
We're used to categorizing people based on their affiliation to UB: Faculty, staff, student and alumni are a few examples of this. While this may give a basic indication as to why the individual may be coming to your website, it doesn’t really tell you what information they're looking for.
This guide will give you quick access to Web writing standards and formats to help you create successful and consistently readable Web content.
Skillful use of photography and video will lift your content to an entirely new and engaging level, beyond mere words.