Building Your Strategy

A strong strategy assesses the following questions and uses the answers to inform how to approach creating your website. The effectiveness of your strategy is the the foundation for your site success. Websites that do not elevate in outcomes invariably did not have rigourous effort put into the strategy.

  • Where am I now? Assess the current state of your website. What information does it currently contain and what is the quality of the information? This is the Web content audit.   
  • Where do I want to be? Identify where you want your website to go; for example, what needs must your website achieve? What messages or information do you need your users to absorb? Talking with key stakeholders will help you develop a shared vision of what you want your final website to achieve. This is known as a business strategy.
  • Where do users want us to be? Consider the people who will be using your website—what are their needs? You may know what you want to tell them, but it is equally important to understand the needs of your audience, and how these needs might be very different from what you initially envisioned.
  • How do we get to where we BOTH want to go? Consider how to satisfy your needs and the needs of your audience.  You will also need to think about how you are going to get buy-in and support for this initiative within your department.


Websites are strategy-driven projects. This means they’re more about communication than technology. You'll need to assign roles for planning, content development, site building and stewardship.
If you understand your organization’s needs and core messages, as well as the needs of your users, your website will better serve everyone.