Planning for Stewardship

Before launching your website, you should create a plan for stewarding your site once it is live. A good plan includes both a list of resources needed for stewarding a site, as well as a schedule for planned updates.

Identify Needed Resources

As you plan for stewardship, you should consider both personnel and materials that you will need to develop, edit and change your content. While planning, you should:

  • Identify the personnel you will need to help you steward your site. Request their help, and make it clear how much of their time you will need. Asking for resources for stewardship before launching your site helps to get commitment and buy-in from your partners from the start.
  • Compile a list of good sources from which to get updates. Think about what information, including facts and figures, that you will need to update on your site. Then, identify sources that can provide you with those updates.

Schedule Updates

Your plan for stewardship should include a schedule that identifies how often your team will update pages, facts and stories, and check to make sure that links are working.

You need to have clear standards to help you decide:

  • How often should content be updated?
  • What should be taken down?

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