Lists, Pull Quotes and Links

Grab your visitors' attention and point them to further reading with these tried-and-true presentation strategies.


Use a bulleted or numbered list instead of embedding the list in a paragraph. Lists are only good in moderation, for things you really want to draw attention to.

  • Use similar grammar and structure.
  • Use numbered lists only for a sequence or hierarchy; bulleted lists for everything else.
  • Use consistent capitalization and formatting.
  • Capitalize the first letter of your list item when it’s a sentence; lowercase if it’s not (exception: if list blends full sentences and phrases).
  • Use a period at the end of each sentence; do not use a period if your list item is not a sentence, and be consistent. If your list combines sentences and items, however, use periods at the end of each bulleted item.

Example: Our Philosophy and Approach

  • Our graduate students assume full partnership in research, and we challenge them to be the sum of our collective expertise.
  • Our research programs are highly interdisciplinary and collaborative: Faculty and students work on projects without limitations or departmental boundaries.
  • We employ in vitro, in vivo and in silico approaches that enable us to remain at the cutting edge of biomedical and biochemical research.
  • Our program is designed to ensure that PhD graduates will be competitive in the job market.

Pull Quotes

Pull quotes are a significant or important quote from the content on your webpage. Pull quotes add visual interest to a page of text, draw the reader’s eye and provide an overview of some of the key points.

Example: “As we all know, there have been dramatic changes at the federal level in the last few years, and we’re certainly going to see changes at the state level in Medicaid redesign.”


Links are the primary way people navigate the Web. Too many links, and your copy will become hard to read. Too few links, and you may be missing opportunities to impart more information or funnel visitors to an important page on the site.

  • Link to next steps the reader is likely to take or next steps you would like them to take.
  • Links with the highest click-through rates contain five to seven words.
  • Include hyperlinks within a paragraph.
  • Use descriptive words as your links; never use “click here” or “more.”


Before: A light rail Metro Rail line that connects UB’s South Campus with downtown Buffalo and the neighborhoods between them. | Learn more about Metro Rail.

After: A light rail Metro Rail line that connects UB’s South Campus with downtown Buffalo and the neighborhoods between them.

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