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Display contact details, affiliations, and key links below every page.

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Last reviewed: May 6, 2022

Using This Component

This can only be added to a footer page (locate din yoru site's Configuration folder(/content/abc/config).

By default, it will display the four-column fat footer and a simple footer: the 'default fat footer (four column)' option.

There is only one tab, but depending on the chosen layout, there may be various areas to hold content. Click the wrench icon to configure these settings.

Initially, it loads with a four-column 'fat footer' above a 'simple footer'.

The Footer container has options for a Simple Footer or an Enhanced Footer or a Fat Footer. The Fat Footer can be four or six columns, and includes the Simple Footer.

Mobile Ready

The Label setting will display a special heading on mobile phones and other small-screen device.

How To Build Your Footer?

Jakob Nielsen's post "Footers 101" provides a handy overview including tips and shortfalls.

Technical Restrictions

  • Only one Footer Container should be on your page.

Configure - Main Settings

Layout - Choose between

  • Fat footer, four equal columns (default)
    Provides an upper 'Fat Footer' area with four columns for links, plus a lower 'Simple Footer' area to hold contact details.
  • Fat footer, six equal columns
    Provides an upper area 'Fat Footer' with six columns for links, plus a lower 'Simple Footer' area to hold contact details.
  • Enhanced footer
    Provides an area for contact details plus a small area for links. It is essentially a hybrid between the 'Simple' and 'Fat' footers.
  • Simple footer
    Provides just a 'Simple Footer' area to hold contact details.

Label - Provide a descriptive title for the footer area. This optional label for RWD is shown on small screen devices.

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