Mobile Menu Component

Defines main navigation for small-screen devices.

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Last reviewed: May 16, 2022

Using This Component

This is normally added when a site is created. There is one tab.

Normally it is located immediately below your main navigation bar and above the Breadcrumbs.

Click the wrench icon to configure the settings.

Your main navigation bar will not be displayed for visitors using small-screen devices. The Mobile Menu ensures your navigation is displayed for these visitors, and its location in your header.  

Technical Restrictions


Configure - Main Settings

Mobile Menu Tab

Root path - By default all secondary pages for your site will be displayed. You can over-ride the default settings and require a different set of child pages to be displayed.

Zoom image: The component opened for editing. The component opened for editing.

The component opened for editing.

Task and Audience Navigation

'Info About' and 'Info For' sections will not show child pages. Also, these sections are not effected by the Hide in Mobile Nav setting in Page Properties.

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