Deleting Pages

Deleting pages will help you remove unnecessary or unwanted content from your site. This can have wide-ranging effects—on your site as well as others—and should be managed appropriately.

Deleting an activated page is IMMEDIATELY reflected on your published website. Please be very careful to consider the full impact and ensure your Site Manager is aware of your changes.

Only a PUBLISHER can delete published pages.

Deleting a page may break links (see Important Note below *).

On this page:

Delete a Page


These steps will work if the page is:
• Not yet published, OR
• If you are an authorized Publisher for the page.

If the page has been published (activated) and you are not an authorized publisher, you CANNOT delete the page. Instead, have an authorized publisher delete it.

You can remove a UBCMS page that you no longer need. If there are links to the page from other pages (called references), the system will tell you where they are and give you a chance to address any issues before you delete it.

  1. Open the Websites console.
  2. Select the page.
  3. Click the Deactivate button on the toolbar, or right-click and select Deactivate.
    • While this step is not mandatory, it will safely remove the page from your published site.
    • If the Deactivate option is grayed out, or you receive an error message from the UBCMS, you do not have Publisher rights and should NOT be deleting this page.
  4. Click the Delete button on the toolbar, or right-click and select Delete.
  5. Confirm that you want to delete the page by clicking Yes.
    • If there are no references to the page, it is now deleted.
    • If there are references to the page, go to step 6.
  6. You now have a choice of options:
    • Click No to review the pages that link to the one you want to delete
    • Click Yes to delete now. Deleting will break any links to the page.
  7. If you clicked No in step 5, see the list of pages that link to yours. Click Cancel when you want to exit the list.
  8. You can now find and address the links.
  9. When you are ready to delete, repeat steps 1-5.

These same options are also available from the Sidekick of the page.


Any published page that is deleted without first being deactivated must be reactivated to avoid creating broken references on the publishers.

When a non-publisher tries to delete a published page, a message will briefly appear in the upper right corner of the screen, saying "not enough permissions to delete page" and the page will NOT be deleted.

BEFORE you delete a page in the UBCMS consider:

  • Associated Pages — is it being 'referenced' (linked to or used as Shared Content) by other pages on your site, or possibly from other UBCMS sites. See 'Check for Page References' in the right sidebar.
  • Buried Links — the UBCMS will automatically update lists of links that are generated by list components when a page is moved, EXCEPT for fixed lists created before July 2014, or links within other components like Body Text (more details).

Check for Page References

You can check whether other pages use the page you are considering deleting (as a link or included as shared content).

  1. Open the Websites Console.
  2. Click the title of the page in the Page List to highlight it.
  3. Click Tools.
  4. From the dropdown menu, select References...
  5. In a popup window, the number of references to the highlighted page is displayed, followed by a list of the pages making the references. (If there are no references to the highlighted page, a message appears indicating that The selected item is not referenced.)
  6. Press Cancel to close the popup window.
  7. Update links and references on other pages as necessary.

Restore an Orphaned Page

Any UBCMS user with Author privileges can safely delete a page that has not yet been published. However, if a page is live in the publishing environment (meaning the public can see the page) and an Author who lacks publishing rights deletes the page in the authoring environment, the page will not actually be deleted from your published site. This creates an orphaned page.

If you've created an orphaned page, create a new page in the exact same place of the UBCMS (under the same parent) and with the exact same name as the page that was incompletely deleted. Then ask someone with Publisher rights to deactivate the page and then delete it.


  • Non-publishers can not delete published pages.  The Delete Page link will be grayed out in the Sidekick and the Websites Console toolbar.

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