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Display an instructional banner or warning for other authors at the top of any page.

Classic Flex UI

This information refers to the Classic version of the UBCMS. Classic will be retired in May, 2022.

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Published December 9, 2020


Authoring Notes displays a full-width banner at the top of that page with important information for authors such as instructions or cautions. It is just displayed in the Author environment, is visible to all authors and can be temporarily dismissed but not deleted.

Authoring Notes is engaged through page Properties then edited on the page. The styling is like the Callout component with Annotations colors, but this component is separate from Annotations.

screenshot of an example of Authoring Notes on a page.

example of Authoring Notes on a page

Step 1: Turn on the banner

  1. In the Sidekick, click the Page tab, then open Page Properties.
  2. In the Stewardship tab, scroll to Authoring Notes and change from 'Hide Notes (default)' to 'Show Notes.'
  3. Click Save & Close.
  4. The banner will now appear at the top of the page with the default color, text, and icon.

When first turned on, the banner displays in orange, with an 'i' icon, and default text: "Edit the page authoring notes here..."

Step 2. Adjust the contents

  1. Open the component (right-click + Edit or double click).
    • Enter Text as desired and use the Rich Text Editor to set styling or add a link.
    • Color Scheme controls the background color: orange, yellow, red, purple, green and blue.
    • Icon allows choice of icons, between an 'i' in a circle (information) and an exclamation mark in a triangle ("warning").
  2. Click Ok to save your changes.
  3. The result will now be displayed with a timestamp of 'Last modified by USER on DATE at TIME.'

Hiding / dismissing the banner

Authoring Notes cannot be deleted, just turned off in Page Properties.

If the banner is in the way, authors can temporarily remove them from view. Select the banner, then click the 'X' to Dismiss it from view. The banner will reappear when the page is refreshed.

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