Known Issues and Workarounds

Have you encountered problems? Have you developed a workaround? Please share your findings with us so they can benefit the entire UBCMS community.

The vendor warns against embedding more than one Formstack form on a page when both are using the JavaScript Embed Script. Our UBCMS Formstack component uses the js/jquery snippet, so loading two of these components can cause conflicts in the scripting.
Follow these browser recommendations for the best results.
We have received reports of undesirable functionality when users post a UBCMS page using the built-in Share This tool.
We've heard one report of Social Buttons suddenly going 'missing'.
We're seeing infrequent and inconsistent behavior where a form is submitted once but generates TWO copies (duplicates/clones). The time stamps are almost identical and all fields and any attached files are included in both versions. The form submit button was not clicked twice.
We have seen cases where a Photo Gallery does not load quickly or seems to never load. In this situation, the problem seems to be unreliability and poor response due to the file size of the images being displayed from the DAM. Extremely large images can be a problem, as well as lots of relatively large images.  
Sometimes your page(s) load blank in Author. The Sidekick loads (with components and tools) but the actual Web page content and the Content Finder are not visible.
Site managers can set their site to only show as https (SSL/secure) in Page Properties of their home page. However, in some cases, sites set as https can be opened as http, or even switch from https to http as visitors click through the site.
While using the new in-line editor (slow double-click to edit a component), it is possible to paste in a lot of 'garbage' code from other programs like Word or email that uses Word as its editor.  The original text in the other document may look like normal text, but Word often adds a lot of additional coding that you cannot see. This text may suddenly be releaved alognside your intended target when you paste into the UBCMS component.
We have received reports that author pages load very slowly or have a lengthy pause before loading in Chrome. Pages may take a half minute or longer before they can be modified.
We have received several reports that author pages load very slowly in any browser. Pages that normally load in ten seconds may take twice or three times as long to load befor ethey can be modified.
Authors report that the Find and Replace tool provided in the author admin interface does not find any results.
Some authors embedding Slate forms using an External Embed component report an error displayed at the bottom of the component in the author environment and below the form on live pages:
Some authors embedding Slate forms using an HTML Snippet component report the forms may not function correctly and display an error. There appear to be conflicts with some of the form fields and features; e.g. address validation fails and the form cannot be submitted.
Some authors have reported that drag-and-drop of files into the Digital Assets Manager (DAM) fails. Instead the files load into the browser as a preview. This occurs when the DAM is accessed through the Websites Admin Console instead of the preferred Digital Assets Manager console.
It is not possible to add a working Vanity URL to an authenticated page unless your Vanity URL also ends in '-pw.' 
In the author environment, clicking links to external sites sometimes shows a warning message, or loads a blank or mostly blank page or does not load the new page at all.
Some photos may appear blurry on a large-screen computer when viewed in reduced size using RWD mode.
Host pages are used to display shared content, such as news stories. The UBCMS will not allow you to use your home page in that manner.
Except for lists, the UBCMS does not hide links to unpublished pages on live sites.
Some standard operations, like opening a dropdown navigation, do not function correctly in the latest Safari version 11.
In Author only, your Horizontal Slide Deck does not display correctly and much of the page is filled with 'Internal Server Error - Cannot serve request.'
Unexpected items appear in your site's Search Results.
When a user clicks a tab in the Tabs component, the page refreshes, leaving them at the top of the page.
Rarely a new or modified page is activated, the changes are not visible to all users on the published website.
By default, Collapsible Content Containers are not given system IDs, and are thus linked as 'undefined' in On This Page (which fails to work).
Curated Lists with bad or missing links can break.
Moving a document in the Digital Assets Manager (DAM) fails unless the asset is currently activated.
In the Form Container, when the Storage option is selected, each time the form is submitted, two two entries are created, one with just the 'Path' information and the second with the actual data.
Text can be pasted into a text component's Rich Text Editor. Using keyboard shortcuts like Control-v, or Command-v on a Mac, work well, but using the mouse to right-click + paste will freeze the component so that the changes cannot be saved.
System improvements are underway.
Some assets in the the Digital Assets Manager (DAM) are now being converted into bundles, making them hard to link or see.
Repositioning a Photo by dragging on the image fails completely, or creates a duplicate component depending on the browser.
When a non-publisher attempts to activate a page which includes content for which they do not have permissions, an error message is displayed and that referenced content is not published.
When a non-publisher moves (or renames) a published page, it is relocated on author, but these changes are not reproduced on the published site.
Reports cannot be configured while in Preview mode from the Sidekick. Use keyboard shortcut 'CTRL+E' (Windows) or 'CMD+E' (Mac) to toggle back to Edit mode.
In the author environment, anchors may behave unexpectedly, and not always load the browser at the right part of the page.
Before embedding a Formstack form on your UBCMS page in an HTML Snippet, be sure to check 'don't need jQuery'.
When a form is created in shared content and then used on Web pages, built-in features like validation can break.
When a tag is moved or merged, any pages already carrying that tag retain a 'ghost' of the original tag in their meta-data. This can corrupt tagged lists that are built on a parent of the original tag.
When a page contains more than 400 components, page editing becomes harder. Lists displaying more than 500 teasers will break the list and generate a server error.
When a list is set to display Full Content, the component's settings to Open in New Page do not apply to links that occur in those full content pages.
On This Page components on shared content pages will appear to be blank until the content is incorporated into a regular Web page.
After June 3rd, 2015, when a UBCMS Web page is printed, it looks different than it used to. It now shows partial URLs beside links, and the page layout is quite different.
In the Author environment website admin view, pages cannot be sorted by 'Published'.
When a page has been created using the Redirect Template, and a child page is added, the content on the child page cannot be modified.
During RWD adjustments, the Content Optimization Container can cause JavaScript to run twice, with undesirable results.
The Form Component option to automatically subscribe a person to a Listserv is not working.
Word documents with the .docx format uploaded to the DAM are displayed unexpectedly as folders.
Pages load slowly or incompletely and this error message is displayed.
Listing the children of a page's parent can create a loop.
Your links to a downloadable file (e.g. a PDF) are not showing up on your published site.
You've updated a file that was uploaded to the Digital Assets Manager (DAM), but the overwritten file does not yet appear on any sites that reference it. This is because the DAM server cache is only 'flushed,' or cleared, once per day.
Externally embedded content does not load on pages in the author environment or on secure published pages.
Secure pages are by design only accessible to a user once they have successfully logged in through Shibboleth. In some cases, like the List Component, the UBCMS is smart enough to not even reveal a link to a secure page unless the user should see the link, but this makes it difficult to naturally reveal these pages in lists.
The "OK" button becomes unresponsive after an author makes a selection from the drop-down menu in the form dialog box when building a new form in the authoring environment.
Your site includes content such as a news or events feed from another UBCMS or external source, and what is shown on your site doesn't update when that external feed changes. This has to do with server caching.
A user must have Publishing privileges in order to activate content.
Google Analytics data prior to May 30, 2012 will include statistics from both the authoring and live environments and therefore will not accurately reflect public use of your published website.
A file will not delete from the DAM and no error message appears.
Here are some common issues encountered with the Rich Text Editor.
The Download Component on a shared content page can't contain a directly uploaded file.
A page or piece of shared content sometimes is published under a name that no longer exists on the author system. This can happen if a user without publishing rights renames a published page, or possibly for other reasons.
The Content Finder can be collapsed against the left edge of your browser. This can increase the visible area of your browser window when you are working within components of the UBCMS. However, it is also possible to accidentally hide it, and the Content Finder seems to be removed.